At Peak Potential Life, we believe in the power of change and the potential that resides in each and every one of you, as we live by the motto #TogetherWeSucceed.

We transform people’s lives and businesses, so they can reach their peak potential and grow beyond their current selves. Through coaching, intensive training, business events or focused programs, we help you maximize your results, happiness, health, and wealth.

The more success stories we create, the more our client’s profit from an empowered network of entrepreneurs.

This is what we’re good at


One-on-One coaching where you can work directly with a specialized coach to allow you to achieve the results and vision that you have for yourself, your business or both.


These classes are anywhere from 1 day to 3 days and focus on a variety of highly focused topics to get interactive with a small group of professionals. Classes offered are for 1) people, wanting to start their own business or 2) business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.


We speak on relevant topics that empower, inspire and move people and business forward. Our speaking engagements are transformational, connecting and available for groups of any size.

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Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch created the Peak Potential Life Organization initially to provide coaching to individuals. From there, it quickly transformed into a business of helping professionals get started with their business and helping existing business owners and entrepreneurs with their challenges and needs. We now have business coaching, specialty classes and speaking engagements on an international level to offer.

As an organization, we are on a mission to empower upcoming and existing entrepreneurs. Most people who want to start their own business do not know where to start. Most people in the corporate world struggle with working for a boss who does not appreciate or value them, whilst putting in 50+ hour work weeks. And we know how they feel. But we have found that today, you can do it all: Have their own business, raise a family or have both. We are here to help you start your business or help you grow it.

To do so, we offer personalized coaching, special focused events, and speaking engagements. Our clients enjoy the approach of our coaching to empower leaders to reach their peak potential in order to maximize results, happiness and wealth. Our main office is based in Munich, Germany. We have business experts and coaches that provide focused coaching for our clients around the world. Let Peak Potential Life help you grow yourself and your business beyond your wildest dreams and make them become reality now.


  • Sue, thank you for what you do – the service and experience you provide your clients is truly the best. Your unique coaching approach helped me uncover opportunities that I didn’t know existed and achieve goals that I never thought were possible. Thanks again for all your help!

    Lana Belousova, Executive, Boston, USA
  • Sue is a fantastic Coach and working with her is amazing! It has helped me so much to achieve my goals. Thanks to Sue´s unique style, I have been able to unblock my unconscious limitations and achieve a high new business success rate effortlessly. Sue is not only a hard-working business woman but also a caring and reliable coach, always available when you need her. I can highly recommend Sue for any woman in business who wants to reach her true potential or juggle a better work and life balance.  She is amazing! 

    E. G., Business Development Partner, Software Sales, Norwich, UK
  • Sue has a very calm and trustworthy personality, and is someone I feel safe telling what's going on with me. I found a stronger voice and advocate within myself because of the coaching with Sue. Sue asked the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding a more meaningful solution.

    Lara R.- Attorney at Law Los Angeles and Munich, Germany
  • Sue has helped me, to clarify my goal and how to reach my goal. I would highly recommend Sue, because she is able to not only reach people with her friendly, open and intuitive personality, but she is able to also touch people’ s hearts.

    Stefanie Pöschl, Event Marketing Manager Munich, Germany
  • I've been fortunate enough to be friends with Sue for 10 years. Among other wonderful qualities which I like about Sue, what makes her a highly effective coach is her curiosity and her genuine care for the success of the others. She's an excellent listener and her warmth and openness make you thoroughly enjoy her coaching sessions. I personally benefited from her coaching sessions in organising my thoughts and discovering hidden issues under the surface. It was a truly interesting experience to realise those issues which I did not see before and take actions.

    Mayuko Yoshida Language Teacher and Trainer for People Development, Hong Kong
  • It was an amazing experience to get coaching from Sue. I feel much happier now and have more clarity and confidence and believe that I can succeed reaching my negotiation goals. It is my mindset that has changed because of Sue’s skillset. I found Sue completely trustworthy and she instantly honed in on my issues. Thank you for your coaching and your encouragement.

    HEIDI BENSON International Education Consultant, Starnberg Germany



Peter Helis

Vice Chairman,

Chamber of Commerce, China


Cedric Vinclair

Real Estate Expert



Jeff Klubeck

Authority Coach

& Motivational Speaker


Robin Booth

South Africa’s

Top Entrepreneur


George Ross

Donald Trump’s former

right hand man


Hajnalka Reon

Serial Entrepreneur

and Philantropist


Dan Woodruff

International Speaker

Martial Arts Master


JT Foxx

Wolrd’s #1

Wealth Coach


Linnea Kempe

Global Speaker

of The Next Generation


Shadeska Nicola

Business Profit Expert



Basharat Ali

Managing Director

Easy Tree, UK


Troy Dunn

TV Personality

“The Locator”


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